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March 27, 2020


sorry, politics...Alaskans, please be aware that officials from AIDEA are meeting today, taking advantage of this emergency to slyly raid funds meant to aid our small businesses. They want that money instead to help their 'buddies', aka big Outside mining corporations. Those companies are fine with using this virus to further their own plans. During yesterday's meeting AIDEA Board President Dana Pruhs abruptly closed public testimony, saying, "I don't give a sh*t!" and walking out. Wow, dude, nice job with the one tiny drop of honesty! Guess what? We already knew that. All these endless meetings across the Arctic, for years, us local people trying to keep up with each one, and keep begging--with the microscopic 180 seconds you allow us to say how much we love our home, need the animals and caribou and clean water, and don't want you wrecking it. Thanks for finally admitting how you feel. PEOPLE, i know these are crazy times, but this matters. Please call in today, 1pm, Friday. email right now. her name is Sherrie, tell her you plan to call in. 888 585-9008, then code 464-135-244#. Tell them how you feel, about our land, and how they are damaging our future.

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