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Seth Kantner

Selected Articles By Seth

Edible Alaska: Arctic Food Dude

The Filson Journal: Dispatches from the North: Kotzebue Sound Salmon

Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Hunting a Changing Land

Anchorage Daily News: Speaking Up on Subsistence, Even in the Face of an Industrial Juggernaut

Anchorage Daily News: When it Comes to Safeguarding Alaska's Wildlife and Land, We Can't Afford Mistakes

The Seattle Times: Keep Alaska's Pristine Wild Lands Free of Poisonous Mining

The Filson Journal: Seth Kantner: Tracking the Herd

Anchorage Daily News: Staring Across a Land That's Not the Same

Smithsonian Magazine: The Essence of Alaska Lies Somewhere Between Myth and Reality

Orion Magazine: Flower of the Fringe

Click here for all of Seth's articles in Anchorage Daily News, including his Alaska Life column. 

Short Films Featuring Seth

Our Wealth is Our Land (Alaska Conservation Foundation; interview starts at 5:00)

Paving Tundra (North Exposure Studios; interview starts at 22:45)

Podcasts + Radio Interviews

The MeatEater Podcast with Steven Rinella, Ep. 348: Eating Walrus and Whale with an Igloo Boy (interview starts at 47:37)

Crude Conversations podcast with Cody Liska, Ep. 100: Writing About a Life Spent Living off the Land

Outdoor Explorer (Alaska Public Media): Interview with Seth on Living with Caribou in Alaska

Talk of Alaska (Alaska Public Media): Interview with Seth and Barbara Hood of 49 Writers about A Thousand Trails Home 

Coffee Table (KBBI): Interview with Seth about A Thousand Trails Home

Constant Wonder podcast (BYU Radio): Interview with Seth about A Thousand Trails Home

Travel with Rick Steve's Podcast, Ep. 695: Belgian Pride; Favorite Gardens; Arctic Trails (interview starts at 31:44)

Travel with Rick Steve's Podcast, Ep. 712: Party of Trees; Vanishing Asia; Living with Caribou (interview starts at 31:53)

Webinars + Recorded Events

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