a thousand trails home

"A Thousand Trails Home is a book of supernal majesty, a book to break and restore your heart. Seth Kantner’s devotion to the living pulse and unity of the skein of wonder that is the Alaskan wilderness haunts and inspires me."

- Louise Erdrich, author of The Night Watchman


Ordinary Wolves

A rare thing of beauty, a novel alive with detail about a life most of us would never experience

-Susan Salter Reynolds, Los Angeles Times Book Review


Swallowed By The Great Land

"Kantner's, pull-no-punches, head on stories are raw, beautiful and unnerving" -Orion

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Shopping For Porcupine

Suspense and heartache are matched by wry humor and outrage, and all is infused with Kantner’s humility and deep respect for the wild as he decries the practices of high-tech trophy hunters, and maps his own metamorphosis from trapper and hunter to writer and photographer. Crafted with the precision and nerve acquired by living off the land, this is a powerful and important book of remembrance, protest, and warning.
— Booklist 

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Pup and Pokey

A boisterous wolf pup and an awkward young porcupine are unlikely allies in this tale of friendship set on Alaska's tundra. The two grow up as neighbors, but only through helping each other escape from a trapper do they learn what it means truly to be friends

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